Master SEO in 4 simple steps

Some people think SEO is a complete mystery. In reality, it includes four main focus areas. We’ll teach you how to master SEO in 4 simple steps.

To master SEO in 4 simple steps, we will address four main focus areas to see results.

  1. Complete thorough keyword research
  2. Optimize your website pages based on keyword research
  3. Review and fix your website’s technical issues 
  4. Build quality backlinks

Mastering these four techniques can allow you to build your own SEO strategy and manage it yourself, at least to get started.  

We’ll provide more details on each area of SEO you need to focus on and what you need to do to succeed.

1. Complete Thorough Keyword Research

All SEO work begins with keyword research. Whether you’re preparing to write a blog or optimize a webpage, you need to understand how people seek out and find content related to your industry.

Start with the most obvious keyword and look at related keywords to learn more about how people might search for your content. Choose target keywords based on their search volume and competitiveness. You’re looking for low competition keywords with the highest search volume.

Prioritize your keywords based on their relevance, competitiveness and monthly search volume for the best results.

master SEO in 4 simple steps

2. Optimize Your Website Pages Based on Keyword Research

Now that you know what keywords you want to target, you’re ready to start optimizing your website based on that research. You might use some keywords as the focus for your webpages, such as your homepage. And others you might save to be informational blog posts or landing pages designed for marketing campaigns.

During this process, you’ll employ on-page SEO tactics. On-page SEO means writing relevant, easy-to-read content that includes your keywords. You’ll use structured code to tell Google more about your content, including a page title, meta description and alt text for images.

Ranking for keywords does not mean using your target keyword as many times as possible. Instead, it’s all about delivering quality content that matches the searcher’s intent. That means, don’t target keywords and phrases that have little to do with what you actually market or sell. Be picky in your keyword selection and only use the keyword on the page where it fits naturally into the language.

Remember, always write with the user in mind. The better you serve that user, the more Google will notice, and the better your website will start ranking in your niche.

If you’re using your keyword more than once every 200 words, that’s definitely too many times. Consider how you would talk about the topic and try to write in that same manner without thinking too much about keywords. 

The simpler and easier to read that your content is, the better. Use short sentences, simple paragraphs and common vocabulary. Avoid jargon, even if it’s common in your industry. Wherever it’s practical, integrate bullets and numbered lists to make the content even more reader-friendly.

Link to relevant internal content that tells search engines more about how your various webpages and content relate to one another.

3. Review and Fix Your Website’s Technical Issues

To identify technical issues, you’ll need to perform a site audit. Use a program that crawls your website and looks for errors. It will then make a list of all pages that need attention. Here are some technical issues you might see after a site audit.

  • Pages fail to use HTTPS
  • Load speeds are too slow, especially on mobile
  • You have duplicate content on pages, page titles, or in meta descriptions
  • You’re missing alt text on your images
  • You have broken links within your site
  • The CSS or JavaScript files are too heavy on your website

Many things can be wrong with the technical side of your website. Take the time to review these issues that show up in a site audit to ensure the best possible search engine results for your site.

4. Build Quality Backlinks

All backlinks are not equal. You need to focus on building quality backlinks that provide value to your website. You can build links in a variety of ways.

  • Business listings on websites like Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, your local chamber of commerce, etc.
  • Guest blogs that link back to your website
  • Answer questions in online forums like Quora
  • Check your competitors’ backlinks and try to get listed there as well
master SEO in 4 simple steps

Building an SEO Strategy

While it’s certainly possible to build out an SEO strategy, it’s best to work with a professional who specializes in this area. Arcadia Brands is a full-service digital marketing agency with rich experience in SEO and building content that resonates with consumers. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can build an SEO strategy for your business that delivers results.

5 reasons every business should hire a graphic designer.

1. Working with a graphic designer saves you time.

Local business owners are thinking of a lot of things. Consequently, they should not spend time on producing a brand-new brand logo concept, PowerPoint discussion or creating another pamphlet. They do not need to learn brand-new software program from the very start.

Rather, every business should hire a graphic designer, engage the services of a specialized graphic designer, who develops new company remedies. He can do all these jobs to make sure that local business owners can concentrate more12 on their various other obligations and also abilities.

2. Offers a new viewpoint.

every business should hire a graphic designer

This provides new opportunities for their brand name that they are not familiar with. It is best for them to do some conceptualizing with the visuals developer, who will listen to them and do everything to guarantee that the brand makes the most of it.

3. Make business ready for the future.

This does not always indicate that they need an unique logo that will remain the same for years. It just recommends that a service requires to be prepared to encounter the altering electronic world, which continues to relocate towards miniaturization. An optimal graphic developer will certainly make their visual identification all set for also the smallest devices where the brand is located. They ought to think about the highness top quality.

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4. Creative solutions.

When working with the business’s photo there are unavoidable problems. There are no brand-new ways to attain the goals. So, business owners consider methods to attract possible customers in the direction of their products.

A graphic designer has the capacity to record the interest of customers in a creative way. He supplies new service solutions. He provides advices as well as basically concentrates on interaction’s visual aspect, which the audience influences one of the most.

5. Consistent visual identity.

every business should hire a graphic designer

With regard to visual communication, this is a very important concern. Some companies are not constant when it comes to their projects. Every part of identification is created making use of a completely various idea that uses different fonts, proportions and colors, which is a mistake.

A graphic designer aids maintain an aesthetic recognition’s stability. It makes use of a pre-prepared brand name book that has information on ways to utilize the logo and the choice of typefaces and also colors. It reveals high professionalism and trust when it is regular in this area. Nonetheless, if it’s not, it is best not to comment.

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It is best for them to do some brainstorming with the visuals designer, that will listen to them and do whatever to ensure that the brand makes the most of it.

An ideal graphic designer will make their aesthetic recognition prepared for even the tiniest gadgets where the brand is situated. A visuals developer has the ability to record the interest of customers in an imaginative means. He provides brand-new business options. A graphic designer assists preserve an aesthetic recognition’s honesty.

3 reasons why graphic design is important in marketing.

Why graphic design is important in marketing. For businesses to stand out from competition, they need to include graphic design in their marketing strategies. While the right tools in marketing can boost sales and customer engagement, adding powerful graphics will lead them to long-term success.

Graphic design takes any marketing campaign to the next level.

There are people who consider graphic design as a finishing touch but it is much more than that. When combined with the right marketing strategy, graphics can prove to be extremely powerful.

Though text has the power to persuade, graphic design makes users associate with a brand. For those who are not convinced, think about the golden arches.

Graphic design is effective in communicating businesses to their target audience. Using great graphics in their marketing strategy will increase their visibility on the web and awareness of a brand.

It increases conversion (visitor to customer) rates, credibility and trust as well as develop unity within the company, encouraging employees to be more productive and take pride in their work.

Most importantly, graphic design which is well thought of will surely kill competition. Well-executed branding will set a company aside from the rest of the crowd.

3 reasons why graphic design is important in marketing

There are 3 major ways to boost marketing by means of graphic design.

Brand Identity

A well designed logo is an effective way to communicate a brand’s identity and vision. This can convey what words cannot say. A company logo is a very important building block of a brand, together with the name as well as the products/services that a business offers.

A logo can easily be retained in the memory of users. It will be displayed in the company’s business cards, website, products and everything that is part of it. Some viewers may not easily recall a name but will most likely remember a company by means of a captivating logo.


Creative graphic design matters when it comes to converting visitors into customers. When a website is visually appealing it catches the interest of visitors and gives them more than enough reason to become potential buyers. A great design reflects high quality products/services desired by people.

A website gives a first impression of a company to prospects. It paves the way to a business since viewers will want to go through it before they ever think of buying. For this reason, it is important for a business to always make a good first impression.

When a website has a great graphic design it complements the content in it. It will enhance text that will in turn, boost sales. A website works 24 hours a day for a business owner and it would be an advantage if people stay to buy then come back for more.


In the past, brochures, catalogs and flyers were used as forms of adverting. These traditional means of advertisement, though, can still be effective in communicating with an audience when done the right way.

Adverts can be seen everywhere across social media and people have the tendency to scroll past them. When people receive a flyer, they tend to take a look at it before throwing it.

In the same way, letterheads, calling cards, newspaper ads and posters among others continue to be effective in making a brand known to their target market. Though digital marketing is the latest trend, it still has not totally replaced traditional advertising. Such platforms require quality graphic design in order for a business to benefit from it.

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